Copperhead Gin, Copperhead Gin & Copperhead Gin

I've been a fan of Copperhead Gin for a while. Beautifully presented in a super-shiny copper bottle, Copperhead is a wonderfully simple gin made with only 5 botanicals; Juniper, Orange Zest, Cardamon, Coriander and Angelica Root.

Supposedly, Mr Copperhead was a notorious alchemist, searching for the "elixir of life". In doing so, and of course using a copper still, he created what is now "The Alchemists Gin".

Whether you believe this as fact or merely some lovely marketing doesn't matter - Copperhead is still one of my favourites. It mixes well with a variety of tonics although I personally suggest a moderate amount of Schweppes 1783 Cucumber Tonic to satisfy a sweeter tooth.

Their second venture, the Copperhead "Black Batch" is a continued search for that "elixir of life". He became enchanted by the tales of surrounding the Elderberry tree of its protection against witchcraft and life longevity. The addition of Elderberry, Blackberries and Black Ceylon Tea give Black Batch a twist on the original, with almost biscuit-y flavour. The dark side of gin, which unlike most others, can actually be enjoyed neat.

Lastly, Copperhead "The Gibson Edition", another well presented bottle was created in collaboration with the Gibson Bar, London. In 1908 NYC, Charles Dana Gibson (the artist) challenges Charles Connelly (the bartender) to improve the Martini. The traditional olive garnish was replaced with a pickled onion and so "The Gibson Cocktail" was born. Distilled from 19 botanicals and spices traditionally used in pickling, the Gibson Edition also boasts a splash of Genever making a pretty serious and savoury gin.